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7 Sins Video Game Download Windows 10 [Latest 2022]




Contents Gameplay The player is given the option of making their character good, neutral, or evil, and the game is played from a third-person view. When the player begins the game, they can buy one of three different starting areas; the Good area, the Neutral area or the Evil area. On the Good area, players can play the job of an ordinary joe, the job of a police officer, or the job of an assassin. On the Neutral area, players can be a politician, a spy, or a gangster. And on the Evil area, players can be a thief, a murderer, or a devil. Any jobs that have been previously played are permanently marked and players are not able to change jobs unless they restart the game. Plot The player is controlled through life as a narrator to the events happening around them. The events in the game are set out with the seven deadly sins, and players must complete each deadly sin to earn a place on the top of the social ladder. The game starts with the player in jail. They are being interrogated about a murder they didn't commit. The player says they have nothing to do with it and is sent to jail. The player must then complete five levels of evil to escape the jail. When the player escapes the jail, they must figure out why they are in jail. The player suspects that one of the Five Powers is behind the murder. To prove the player is innocent, the player must make the corrupt person confess to the crime. The player is then sent to a new prison. Once the player completes five levels of evil in the second prison, they are sent to the Job Terminal. The Job Terminal offers the player five jobs. The player can then choose from the five jobs on the terminal. The five jobs available are: Job: Thief Level: 1 Purpose: Steal everything in the game. Level: 2 Purpose: Steal everything in the game, as well as earn more money. Job: Devil Level: 3 Purpose: Kill the player's character. Level: 4 Purpose: Kill the player's character, as well as kill other players. Job: Spy Level: 5 Level: 6 Purpose: Kill the player's character, as well as kill other




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7 Sins Video Game Download Windows 10 [Latest 2022]
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